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Computer network support, installation, setup & maintenance  ••  Custom-assembled server & desktop sale & service
Dell® servers & desktops  ••  Dell® laptops - notebooks - netbooks as well as other makes  ••  PC repair  ••  SEO

Up-n-Running Computers and Networks
(604) 831-5833
Up-n-Running Computers and Networks    ////    (604) 831-5833
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Up-n-Running has helped our business a great deal. They did everything for us from hard wiring our office to setting up our company's network. I know I can always call them for help when things go down over here or a new systems needs to be set up. They're the best.

John at Polynova Industries
With a busy office and several important financial transactions daily it is very important we have our networks up and working at all times. When we run in to issues, Up-n-Running Computers and Networks is able to diagnose the problem and have everything up and running in an efficient and effective manner so we never have to worry. We use Up-n-Running for all our computer and networking needs and would highly recommend them.

JR Financial

Computer Services

The services focus of Up-n-Running Computers and Networks is as implied by the name: keeping customers’ computer systems up and running. In summary, the services are:

Fixing and preventing software and hardware problems:
Standalone and networked computers (servers to desktops to portables), network equipment, peripherals.
Failing components, misconfiguration, incompatibility, unsuitability, malware, licensing issues, glitches, user mistakes, lack of servicing, and so on and so forth, and pretty much everything imaginable.

We have a lot of experience with a broad range of industry-specific software such as Advantage, Cummins, HRT, J. J. Keller, LISA, Logenics, Mach3/Mach4, OfficeQ, Osler, ProMiles, Profit Tools, Tailwind and others.

In more details, the services include

Troubleshooting and resolving complex network issues:
Server and workstation software and hardware, networking devices, a cable system

Network setup:
Design, installation and configuration. Support and maintenance. Cabling.
New setup or migrating from existing network.
We sell custom-built and Dell servers, networking equipment (switches, routers, firewall, network cabinets and racks, wireless access points, hubs, data storage and backup solutions, etc.), software (operating system such as Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, backup software, antivirus software, and so on and so forth).

Routine maintenance:
Software updates, hardware upgrade, performance issues, cleaning, preventing future problems, backup monitoring, security and server health monitoring.

Network / domain / workgroup administration:
User accounts, shared resources, access rights / permissions, security, network printing, network scanning, email addresses, wireless access, etc, etc, etc.

Computer repair:
Servers, desktops, and some parts of laptops.

Data repair and data recovery:
Sometimes somewhat corrupted files of certain types (such as Outlook PST data files, MS Excel spreadsheets) can be repaired to some extent. Yes, a few of our attempts were successful.
Sometimes some data can be retrieved from a drive with some sort of file system corruption. Yes, a few of our attempts happened to be successful.
Sometimes some files can be recovered from a failed drive. Sometimes those files still contain intact data. Yes, we have occasionally been lucky with hard drive recovery.
Sometimes some pigs somewhat fly in some way.

Important parts of the above services are:
Backup design and planning, setup, and monitoring. (Of course, those looking for extreme adventures for their business shouldn’t bother with backup, but should wait to gamble with data recovery.)
Removing viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, adware, spyware, crimeware, scumware, scareware, jokeware and all other kinds of malware.

Website services. Search engine optimization (SEO).
Examples of current SEO projects are Celebrities Association, Smartphone scan deals.

Computers and parts, networking, peripherals, accessories and supplies.

On-site and off-site service. After-hours and weekend work can be arranged.