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Computer network support, installation, setup & maintenance  ••  Custom-assembled server & desktop sale & service
Dell® servers & desktops  ••  Dell® laptops - notebooks - netbooks as well as other makes  ••  PC repair  ••  SEO

Up-n-Running Computers and Networks
(604) 831-5833
Up-n-Running Computers and Networks    ////    (604) 831-5833
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Up-n-Running Computers and Networks has been solving my computer problems for over years and continues to impress me until today.
I first met Vassili when I was in university. With strict deadlines and time commitments a computer crash can be devastating. Now I am in business and I do much of my customer communications through the computer.

The initial contact I have with clients is often through email, as are my project estimates, scheduling and invoicing. When the computer is down, my whole business shuts down. With one phone call Up-n-Running Computers and Networks gets me "Up-n-Running". The prices are reasonable. They make house calls. They have solved every computer problem I have ever had. And they do it on the first visit. They have earned my highest recommendation.

Kevin Neifer
Neifer Fine Painting
(604) 721-0921
Vancouver, BC

Dell® Computers

Up-n-Running Computers and Networks is a

Dell® Reseller

. Dell may provide

lower prices

through a reseller channel than in an online store. This applies to all Dell products: servers, laptops, desktop computers, monitors, printers, PC accessories, storage, LED and LCD TVs and HDTVs, HDTV and TV accessories, etc.

We also can provide a server configuration which is not available on the web: customers' tasks quite often require a slightly more sophisticated setup than the preconfigured systems in the online store. Our close ties with Dell may in some cases result in better customer support – beyond the standard support (for instance, recently Dell sent reinstallation CDs to our customer who lost CDs for a 4-year old Dell desktop, although Dell's standard response is "Sorry, we can't send replacement disks for an out-of-warranty system. If you need Windows to reinstall it on your PC, you can buy it for $1xx.00.").

Warranty and technical support for reseller Dell products are provided by Dell, the same way as when you buy directly from Dell.

A drawback of purchasing through a reseller is that all sales are final. If you buy a computer directly from Dell Computer Corporation in Canada, you may return it to Dell (new products – within 30 days after the date of invoice, reconditioned or refurbished products – within 14 days). According to the Total Satisfaction Return Policy, a refund or credit will not include any shipping and handling charges and will be subject to a 15% restocking fee, and you must also prepay shipping charges. So, for example, if you return a $1,014 Dell Precision™ T3500 desktop, you lose $1,014*15% + 2*$99 = $350.10 (assuming that shipping back costs you the same $99 as Dell’s shipping charges). With a purchase through the reseller, there are no returns.

Usually the difference between online prices and reseller prices is larger for expensive items such as servers, and may be close to $0 for inexpensive laptops and desktops, especially in discount seasons such as around Christmas. In this case, Dell coupons may be more beneficial.
For Dell off-lease and open-box computers, monitors and peripherals, you may also want to check the Dell Financial Services website (a.k.a. Dell Outlet, or Dell Computers outlet store) DellRefurbished.ca (former DFSdirect.ca), especially when the website shows a "Red Hot Deals" button.

The procedure for a through-reseller purchase is the following:
  1. At www.dell.ca, configure a system/server/laptop, etc with all the options/features you want.
  2. Click the Print Summary link (listed above the price).
  3. A new window will pop up with product codes/descriptions shown.
    Copy/paste (Control-A to Select All) this in to an email (or word processor, or spreadsheet) and send it to us.
Please ensure that product codes are showing (by default they do).