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Up-n-Running Computers and Networks has been solving my computer problems for over 18 years and continues to impress me until today.
I first met Vassili when I was in university. With strict deadlines and time commitments a computer crash can be devastating. Now I am in business and I do much of my customer communications through the computer.

The initial contact I have with clients is often through email, as are my project estimates, scheduling and invoicing. When the computer is down, my whole business shuts down. With one phone call Up-n-Running Computers and Networks gets me "Up-n-Running". The prices are reasonable. They make house calls. They have solved every computer problem I have ever had. And they do it on the first visit. They have earned my highest recommendation.

Kevin Neifer
Neifer Fine Painting
(604) 721-0921
Vancouver, BC

Dell® Computers

Up-n-Running Computers and Networks is a

Dell® Reseller

. Dell may provide

lower prices

through a reseller channel than in an online store. This applies to all Dell products: servers, laptops, desktop computers, monitors, printers, PC accessories, storage, LED and LCD TVs and HDTVs, HDTV and TV accessories, etc.

We also can provide a server configuration which is not available on the web: customers' tasks quite often require a slightly more sophisticated setup than the preconfigured systems in the online store. Our close ties with Dell may in some cases result in better customer support – beyond the standard support (for instance, recently Dell sent reinstallation CDs to our customer who lost CDs for a 4-year old Dell desktop, although Dell's standard response is "Sorry, we can't send replacement disks for an out-of-warranty system. If you need Windows to reinstall it on your PC, you can buy it for $1xx.00.").

Warranty and technical support for reseller Dell products are provided by Dell, the same way as when you buy directly from Dell.

A drawback of purchasing through a reseller is that all sales are final. If you buy a computer directly from Dell Computer Corporation in Canada, you may return it to Dell (new products – within 30 days after the date of invoice, reconditioned or refurbished products – within 14 days). According to the Total Satisfaction Return Policy, a refund or credit will not include any shipping and handling charges and will be subject to a 15% restocking fee, and you must also prepay shipping charges. So, for example, if you return a $1,014 Dell Precision™ T3500 desktop, you lose $1,014*15% + 2*$99 = $350.10 (assuming that shipping back costs you the same $99 as Dell’s shipping charges). With a purchase through the reseller, there are no returns.

Usually the difference between online prices and reseller prices is larger for expensive items such as servers, and may be close to $0 for inexpensive laptops and desktops, especially in discount seasons such as around Christmas. In this case, Dell coupons may be more beneficial.
For Dell off-lease and open-box computers, monitors and peripherals, you may also want to check the Dell Financial Services website (a.k.a. Dell Outlet, or Dell Computers outlet store) (former, especially when the website shows a "Red Hot Deals" button.

The procedure for a through-reseller purchase is the following:
  1. At, configure a system/server/laptop, etc with all the options/features you want.
  2. Click the Print Summary link (listed above the price).
  3. A new window will pop up with product codes/descriptions shown.
    Copy/paste (Control-A to Select All) this in to an email (or word processor, or spreadsheet) and send it to us.
Please ensure that product codes are showing (by default they do).