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Computer network support, installation, setup & maintenance  ••  Custom-assembled server & desktop sale & service
Dell® servers & desktops  ••  Dell® laptops - notebooks - netbooks as well as other makes  ••  PC repair  ••  SEO

Up-n-Running Computers and Networks
(604) 831-5833
Up-n-Running Computers and Networks    ////    (604) 831-5833
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I have known Vassili for about years, and have purchased two computers and two printers from him. I have found him to be honest, reliable, and extremely service oriented. On a number of occasions he has corrected computer problems in a matter of hours from the time I first called him. In some cases they were solved in five to ten minutes over the phone and at no charge. His rates are very reasonable, he works quickly and efficiently, and comes directly to your home or office. I would recommend him without hesitation to any individual or business in need of computer or network servicing.

Norm Gangnes
Burnaby, BC


Up-n-Running Computers and Networks has been keeping our computers up and running since 2002. A PC assembled by this company back in 2003 was working for 7 (seven) years with no issues at all, and was replaced only because new software required a faster computer. Other computers assembled by Up-n-Running, also worked for several years with no problems. This company always resolved all our network problems, incompatibility issues, and all other computer tricks. They have pretty much everything on their agenda: website renovation, complicated email configuration, software migration, etc. We know we can always rely on Up-n-Running Computers and Networks. We know there is no any computer problem that is really a problem.

Bert van der Wolf
Sigma Products Canada
21 March 2014

Up-n-Running Computers and Networks

has provided computer services for businesses in Metro Vancouver, BC since 1996. The services include almost all computer-related needs a business may come across. The customers of the company are businesses in a wide range of industries, such as:

• Accounting

• Artists, fashion, modelling

• Auto repair

• Barristers and solicitors

• Church

• Communications

• Computer peripheral makers

• Construction

• Dental

• Doctors

• Editing and writing services

• Financial services, insurance and mortgage

• Forest product industry

• Interior design and manufacturing

• Information technology

• Manufacturers

• Marketing and advertising

• Non-profit organizations

• Printing

• Resorts and travelling

• Retail malls

• Rugs

• Security and safety

• Trucking, transportation and warehousing

• Veterinary

• Wholesale

• Yacht charters

and others. Many customers are well-known leaders in their fields. Some current customers and completed projects include:

A. Cameron Ward
& Company


Oki Data

Braun Financial
Services Ltd.

Vent Cleaning


Artificial Turf Suppliers



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Our Lady of
Good Counsel

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Toolbar Developers


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