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Fiverr® DoFollow Backlinks

Here you'll find

Fiverr® gigs


dofollow backlinks

with specified

page PR

(mostly high PR, of course).
  gig list
  how to suggest / update a gig seller
  how to comment / discuss gigs and sellers
  does it work?
  backlink nuances
  why care now
  tools and links

The reason why this page was created is just because it is not so easy to find these kinds of gigs at Fiverr. There are 59,715 gigs, including 13,170 Social Marketing gigs (as of Jan 7, 2012), and many gigs offer nofollow links or specify only a domain PR instead of a linking page PR. By trying to save a few bucks using incredibly inexpensive and cost-effective Fiverr gigs, one risks losing a lot of valuable hours trying to find the right gig.
So this page was created.

Listed here are only the gigs meeting the following requirements:

  • Backlinks must be dofollow. This is absolutely mandatory.
  • The PR specified is PR of the linking page, not of the root of the domain.
  • Backlink's neighbourhood is good: no porn or pharma links, and very few gambling and get-rich-quick links if any kind.

Disclaimer: Up-n-Running Computers and Networks is not affiliated with Fiverr sellers listed here and does not endorse them or their gigs, has not tested or tried all of them, and has not completely verified all the information provided by the sellers. The only purpose of this page is to make it easy to find these kinds of gigs. Rely on your own brain when choosing sellers found here.

This listing is not paid inclusion or paid advertisement. Originally the list was just the gigs we had used. Then we added more gigs submitted by sellers or suggested by their users. The list is probably far from being complete. You are welcome to suggest more gigs: just send a message to Fiverr user UpnR. Sellers can add/remove/update their information also by communicating with UpnR at Fiverr. The list is not promised to be 100% up-to-date. Please let us know if any listed item does not exist anymore.

The "We tried this" mark means only that we have tried the gig(s), so we know that the seller provides what s/he promises. It does not necessary mean that we were satisfied with the gig(s).
Seller's Fiverr rating is not shown here just because

  • It is too time-consuming to keep the Fiverr rating here up to date
  • A negative rating is not always truly negative; sometimes the rating reflects a buyer rather than a seller. For example, a buyer complains that s/he did not get a report, although a seller did not promise it; or a buyer can't find a link on a page or can't determine PR, etc.
Checking buyers' feedback at Fiverr may help to evaluate a seller.
You are welcome to discuss and comment gigs and sellers at this Facebook page.

So this is the list of the

Fiverr® dofollow known-PR backlink gig

sellers (click arrows in the header cells to sort the table):
Max PR
Max PR
Max PR
on niche
Articles? Blog
the site?
We tried
raquela 9 * 9 * Yes. See
under table
no info
gappublishing 8 Y Y Y No
sitewidelinks 7 Y Y Y Y No
gearmonkey 7 ** Y Y Y Y No
fhassan 7 5 Y No.
Could not
reach him.
no info
cybergatis 7 4 3 Some of
DIY; often a
lot of creativity
Y no info
wopdago_10 6 2 Y Y mystery Y Y no info
usman143online 6 Y Y no info
shelby317 6 7 HELL NO HELL NO News content Y Y Limited
serp_overlord ★ 6 Y Y Y no info
seoresults 6 Y Y Y Y no info
seomania 6 Y Y Y no info
muhibbi 6 6 Y Y Y No
mrpega 6 no info
jimkarterseo1*** 6 Y no info
goldy25 6 no info
fuzey1 6 Y Y Y Y no info
emdee 6 Y Y Y no info
blogroll_studio 6 6 Y Y Y Y no info
arigby 6 Y Y no info
alexred 5 Y no info
articlerr 4 no info
ieatburgers 4 (1 month) no info
* raquela provides no report, so I have never seen the backlink; but I saw the result (once).
  December 2011 order: based on the result, the backlink was definitely created. The result was very similar to PR6 backlink.
  February 2012 order: the result was absolutely 0.
** Blogroll – PR5, Articles – PR7
*** jimkarterseo1 review can be found here. The review provides a spreadsheet with the links created. The result is not unusual for comment backlinks: crazy OBL, and in a couple months none of backlinks survived.
★ Unusually low OBL (as of April 30, 2012)

Almost all blogroll links we ordered lost their PR a little bit (or even completely) after Google updates in February and May :-(
But there are some exceptions. As of May 4, 2012:
December 2011 orders: seoresults PR6 and PR5 backlinks: all of them still keep their PR.
March 2012 orders: gappublishing PR8 and PR7 backlinks: still the same; one PR6 link – still PR6.
                                fuzey1 two of three PR6 are still PR6, one PR6 became PR4 – this is actually very good result.
                                blogroll_studio: all ordered PR6 are still PR6.

Why care now:

There is a rumour that PageRank is deprecating. Google may be moving away from a publicly visible page rank. Some authors ask not when but rather if the rank will be updated again. As soon as PageRank is deprecated, many current SEO tactics and strategies become obsolete, and SEO and SEM become more difficult and uncertain, and thus significantly more expensive until some new metrics are developed.


Anchor Text (a.k.a. link label, a.k.a. link text) is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text tell search engines what the linked page is about. Google may show your page in search results even if searched words are not present on the page but anchor text of some backlink includes them. For example, google for click here: 1st result will be Adobe Reader download page that has neither the exact word "click" nor the word "here".
In the following example, the anchor text is Dell coupons: Dell coupons

Backlinks (a.k.a. inbound links, incoming links, inlinks, inward links) are incoming links to a web page from other web sites.
For example, the following link is a backlink for Fiverr.com, as it goes from this page to Fiverr.com: just a link to Fiverr.com
Links between different pages of the same website are usually not called backlinks, although they work exactly the same way as cross-site links.

Dofollow (sometimes "do-follow" or "do follow") is antonym of nofollow.
A dofollow link transfers Google PR from a linking page to a linked page, i.e. increases PR of linked page.
There is no "dofollow" attribute or value in HTML, and strictly speaking there is no such term and there is even no such word. It is just much easier and less ambiguous to say "dofollow" than "non-nofollow".
So a dofollow link is a link that is not nofollow.
This is how a dofollow link may look in HTML code:   <a href="http://example.com">click here</a>

Domain PR vs linking page PR
Often you can see offers to backlink from a high-PR domain. Usually this means that the root of the domain has high PR. But it does not tell the PR of the page where your backlink will reside. Actually, only PR of the linking page matters: it does not matter what PRs are of other pages including the home page. For example http://www.iana.org/ has PR 8. It would be incredibly great to get a backlink from this page. But http://www.iana.org/domains/example/ (this is where example.com redirects) has no PR. So a link from this page would be pretty much useless, although the domain is highly reputable and its root has PR8. Actually, it would not be completely useless; it would be just 60,000,000 or so times less useful than a PR8 inlink. So if you can get 100 million PR NA inward links, or maybe just 10 million PR0 ones, then you don't have to worry about PR8 links.

Long tail
For example, your site has 1,000 search queries for some MainKeyword, and also 1,000 different not-so-main keywords provide 1 query each. Those 1,000 not-so-main keywords are the long tail. To understand why it is called a tail, just recall the shape of Gaussian function.
A SEOmaster may target a few main keywords if s/he hopes to outcompete competitors, or s/he can target many long tail keywords that have less outcome but usually have less competition.

If a link is nofollow, this link does not transfer Google PR from the linking page to the linked page. Other major search engines treat nofollow links similarly to Google.
"Nofollow" is only an instruction for search engines, and each search engine may decide how to treat it. The purpose of nofollow is to prevent comment spam.
This is how a nofollow link looks in HTML code:   <a href="http://example.com" rel="nofollow">click here</a>

OBL means outbound link.
When somebody says "This page has high OBL", this usually means that the page has high OBL count, or high OBL density, or something like that; i.e., there are too many outbound links on the page. It is believed that the amount of PR that all links transfer to linked pages stays the same for a linking page, regardless of number of outgoing links. So the fewer outbound links, the higher value of each link.

Page rank is Google's way of measuring significance of a page. It is based on number of dofollow backlinks and on significance of linking pages. The more high-PR pages link to you, the higher your page rank. PageRank can be an integer from 0 to 10. It can be also "none" if the page is not ranked by Google.
Publicly displayed PageRank is not exactly what Google uses in its searches. Publicly displayed PageRank is just a reflection of actual rank and is not necessarily equal to actual rank at any moment. Google uses many metrics, not only page rank. While actual page rank is updated continuously, publicly displayed PageRank is updated only a few times a year (it was 4 times in 2011; a week-long first 2012 update started on Feb 6, 2012, second update - on May 3). There is a rumour that Google will stop updating publicly displayed PageRank or will discontinue it, i.e. will make it unavailable for the public.
"Page is not ranked by Google" does not necessarily mean that it is not indexed: many PR NA pages are indexed by Google, so links from such pages may be not totally useless.
Regarding the relationship between different levels of PageRank, the most common number believed by SEO community is 6; i.e., that each next level is 6 times more powerful than the previous one. So instead of getting six PR7 backlinks, you can get just one PR8 link or just 280 thousand PR0 links.
It is believed that to get a certain PageRank level, a page has to have about 20 inbound links of the same level (assuming no outbound links). So to get PR6, you need to get 20 PR6 backlinks, or 120 PR5s, or 4 PR7s. These numbers are awfully approximate, because OBL does matter.
The PageRank process is patented, and the patent is assigned to Stanford University. The word "PageRank" is a trademark of Google.

PR means PageRank. For example PageRank 9 may be expressed as PR9, or less often as PR 9 or PR-9. If a page is not ranked by Google, i.e. has no PR, then this is usually expressed as PR NA or just NA. Sometimes PR is written in lower case.

Link relevance is the relevance between a page being linked and the anchor text of the incoming link.
By "page relevance" SEO people usually mean the relevance between content of a page and Google's opinion about the page. For example, googling for click here brings Adobe Reader's download page as the first result. This means that Google thinks that the Adobe Reader download page is about clicking here. This example shows how anchor text can influence search results.
Relevant incoming links improve page relevance.

Vassili Rabets
January 2012
Last updated on June 1, 2012